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Q.1 How much do you charge?
A.1 Our estimates are based on square footage, furniture, artwork, family size, pets and other factors. We give you the best possible price for the highest quality cleaning you expect.


Q.2 What is the difference between an initial clean and a maintenance clean?
A.2 An initial cleaning is similar to a spring cleaning. We scrub and sanitize all blinds, windows, window sills, cupboard faces, move stove and refrigerator to clean sides and underneath, doors, door frames, and baseboards in addition to our maintenance cleaning of the entire home.


Q.3 How often should I have a spring cleaning? Is it necessary when my home is cleaned on a regular basis?
A.3 It is recommended that you should have a spring cleaning at least once a year. Even though we dust all the rotation items on a monthly basis and we spot clean upon observation, every home needs a complete scrub and sanitization every year.


Q.4 How long will it take to clean my home?
A.4 The amount of time spent in your home is dependent upon the tasks to be performed, the size of your home, amount of furniture, artwork, etc. We concentrate on quality and the final result meeting your expectations.


Q.5 Can I trust a stranger in my home while I’m gone? Or do I have to be present for the cleaning?
A.5 There are never enough hours in a day to do everything you set out to do. Your purpose is to find more time for yourself and/or family so YOU don’t have to find time to clean. Our goal is to give you that free time. We are bonded and insured for your safety.


Q.6 What should I do if I have pets?
A.6 You know your pets best. If your pet has specific needs while we clean, please let us know.


Q.7 What if I am not happy with the cleaning?
A.7 Please let us know. We will be happy to return to your home within 48 hours to correct anything we may have overlooked. Our 100% guarantee.


Q.8 Do you always send the same cleaning team?
A.8 We do our best to send out the same cleaning team to take care of your home each time. In this way, you know who is in your home, they know how you like your home cleaned and we are able to consistently clean your home to your expectations.


Q.9 What is the difference between an hourly rate and a fixed fee?
A.9 We offer both. Some clients prefer to pay an hourly rate because the tasks vary between each visit. Deep or spring cleans are usually by the hour due to the fact that everyone lives differently. If the amount of money is a concern, we will always respect that also by establishing a budget cap. We are always here to help and can work with many situations.


Q.10 When starting services with you, do I have to start with a deep / spring cleaning?
A.10 No. You can schedule a deep cleaning when it is a good time for you. You may want to wait for special occasion, family coming into town, after a construction project is completed, what ever your reason, we will respect that. Please also keep in mind that you will be receiving the maintenance clean that you have chosen, until you are ready to move forward with a deep clean.

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